Train The Trainers

355,00  (fără TVA)

The program is based on experimenting and exercising (because “knowing doesn’t mean doing”): every participant will deliver in front of their colleagues for at least 30 minutes, as a trainer, coordinating an exercise, realizing a presentation etc.

Where – Calea Griviței no. 6-10, ground floor, Sector 1, Bucharest
When – 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th of February 2020
Period– 4 days

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

EXEC-EDU experts

They are trained in top business schools in the USA and Europe and have hundreds of hours of training and consultancy in project management. But what really adds value to the sessions they provide is their long-standing practical experience project management — thousands of hours of practice in complex projects from diverse industries (telecoms, education, media, constructions).

  • Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Vânzări, Marketing, People management, Abilități de prezentare, Problem solving, Design thinking

  • Ecaterina Ariton

    Ecaterina Ariton

    Formare formatori

A 4-days intensive course based on the most recent training methods and approaches, offering the participants a wide view upon this process – from preparation to organisation, delivery and evaluation. During the program, the participants will have the opportunity to test their new abilities by experiential exercises.

  • How about seeing the learning styles from a new perspective? What is your style?
  • What is the efficiency of traditional learning and delivery methods vs the new ones?
  • How can I adapt the learning methods and techniques to the course objectives?
  • How much does framing helps?
  • What is the legislation and the opportunities in professional adult training “world”?
  • What is the course “toolbox”?
  • How can I handle the difficult personalities in the learning class? How do we draw attention upon us?
  • What are the possible types of participants, what motivate and what demotivate them (how can we “win” or “lose” a participant during a training)?
  • Which one is the most appropriate evaluation method?
  • How do I know if I have reached my goals?
  • Am I ready to enter the “lion arena”?

These are only some of the questions that we’ll find the answers at the program Train The Trainers.

The program is based on experimenting and exercising (because “knowing doesn’t mean doing”): every participant will deliver in front of their colleagues for at least 30 minutes, as a trainer, coordinating an exercise, realizing a presentation etc. All this mini training sessions will be recorded and participants will get a full feedback from the trainer and the colleagues.

At the end of the program, participants will have access to the course’s support materials, tools, methods, techniques, tips & tricks, applicable in the following situations:

  • Identifying training needs;
  • Development of training programs adapted to the audience;
  • Facilitating dynamic and practical training programs using traditional methods, but also the latest delivery techniques;
  • Efficient evaluation of the training programs’ results;
  • Integrated training and follow-up: 4 days of training, 1 follow-up session;
  • Program facilitated by trainers with over 15 years of training experience.
  • Training preparation;
  • Carrying out training activities;
  • Evaluation of training participants;
  • Implementation of special training methods and techniques.
  • At the end of the course you’ll become certified trainer, according to the occupational standard COR-242401 required by the Ministry of Education – essential condition, imposed by the Adult Education Law (129/2000), for any trainer who wants to deliver training.
  • EXEC-EDU certificate.
  • 375 EUR (VAT not included)

The cost includes the support materials, logistics necessary for the educational process, including the final exam.

*For the authorized ANC courses there is no VAT applied to the registration fee, by the OG 129/2000 and L163/2005 laws.

“I’ve appreciated the quality of the information selected by the trainer, the theories and actual models.”
Camelia Strete, Training Manager - Toyota Romania
“Personally, this program was a real “update” necessary for the activity I carry out – a successful experience.”
Dan Macovei, Instructor pregatire profesionala - Porsche Romania
“Pleasant and stimulating atmosphere for learning. The group of participants was very dynamic = > high level of collaboration. ”
Daniela Zirra, Director Centru Cercetari Economice - Universitatea Româno-Americană
“This program is attractive and useful.”
Dan Lăzărean, Director general - Concept Electronis
“I met a very successful group of people in this program. I enjoyed participating, I am delighted with the people I met and the new things I learned. The teacher is very good at what she does. ”
Roxana Teșiu, Head of HR, Europe - AVP
“A relevant, useful and pleasant training to follow, without laking rigor. It is easily applied to those who are already familiar with the trainer role, managing to add new knowledge and skills.”
Andreea Mihnea, HR Manager - Ernst&Young
“A big plus of the course was that the participants left with something more than a certificate: networking, principles and methods known perhaps intuitively, but never formally deepened, professional feedback on their own image as trainers.”
Doina Binig, Vicepresedinte - Siveco România
“A very useful course for anyone who wants to be a trainer, great organization, from all points of view. Many notions in the field of training are discussed and exemplified and I sincerely recommend this course.”
Lucian Roșu, PastelAge
“As expected, it’s still worth organizing.”
Dan Cârciumaru, HR Business Partner South East Europe Euralis - Euralis

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