The Neuroscience of Communication

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The “Neuroscience of communication” program proposes a current and scientifically validated approach, which integrates the latest discoveries in neuroscience and psychology in the practice of public and interpersonal communication.

Where – Zoom
When– 21-22 August 2023 and 4-5 October 2023
Duration– 2 days | 10:00 – 18:00

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

In the “Neuroscience of communication” program, we will focus on the following elements:


We will understand how the people’s “hardware” works and what affects the communicating process.

  • Evolutionary aspects – to what are we predisposed by the way our brain had evolved.
  • Stratified specialization – executive functions, sub-cortical functions;
  • The “approach” / “avoid” and “security” / “satisfaction” polarities;
  • “Fight” / “flight” / “freeze” reaction and emotional diversions;
  • Sensitive emotional buttons (SCARF model);
  • Neuroplasticity – the key to personal or organizational transformation.


We will understand how people’s “software” forms and how it can be rewritten in the interaction and communication with others.

  • What is the mind – a definition formulated and accepted by over 150 professionals;
  • Conscious and unconscious filters;
  • Mind maps and the representation of reality;
  • The 6 perceptual systems and their impact on the way we communicate;
  • Thinking patterns and values;
  • Legătură între tiparele de gândire dominante şi comportament.


We are aware of the way we exchange energy and information in interaction with those around us and what impact this exchange has on how we think and behave.

  • Mental positioning in relation to others;
  • Speak the same language;
  • Emotional diversions;
  • Nonviolent communication;
  • Constructive communication;
  • Charisma and neuroscience of social attractiveness.


Models, methodologies and concepts that will be presented and integrated in the program:

  • Process Communication Model (PCM);
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP);
  • Transactional Analysis (AT);
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology;
  • Reframing;
  • Chunking;
  • Paul Olteanu trainer

    Paul Olteanu

    Public speaking, Psihologia comunicării

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Paul Olteanu

In the last 10 year he has been supporting people and corporations in their sustained effort to communicate better, discover authentically and take step-by-step action to become their best version.

This course is dedicated to:

  • leaders and managers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • coaches, psychotherapists, counselors;
  • salesmen;
  • marketers and advertisers;
  • teachers, educators, schoolteachers;
  • parents;
  • media specialists (journalists, moderators etc.)

This course helps us to:

  • become aware of how our brain works when communicating and interacting with others;
  • understand the interdependence between brain, mind and relationships and how this 3 parts transform when we communicate
  • learn what are the emotional sensitive triggers of the others and how to avoid to set them off in the communication process
  • understand and evaluate what our dominant patterns of thinking are;
  • discover the science of personal and organizational transformation, from the perspective of the way we talk and interact;
  • become aware of the 6 different languages that we speak each day, without even knowing it;
  • adapt communication to the way the other perceives the reality;
  • how we can help the others to develop, based on the way we talk.
Cristian Matachi

Cristian Matachi

Project Manager

“It was a fascinating experience. Am participat de-a lungul timpului la mai multe sesiuni de training, dar Neuroștiința Comunicării este de departea cea mai tare experiență de până acum. A fost o călătorie imaginară în creierul nostru fascinant și mă bucur tare mult că am avut privilegiul să iau parte. Am căzut pe gânduri, și cred că la cei 40 de ani ai mei, viziunea referitoare la relațiile interumane se va schimba semnificativ.”

Miruna Pop

Miruna Pop


“I recommend this program to everyone and it has to be delivered by Paul. They will have a lot to learn from him. He is a beautiful and sensitive soul. ”

Cătălina Stoicescu

Cătălina Stoicescu

Credit Analyst – Federal Mogul

“This training gave me a bigger picture of human communication at the neural level. We found new information about elements that influence and determine the way interlocutors think and feel and we found very useful solutions to improve communication. For me it was a complete training – both theoretical and practical – that motivated me to continue working on my personal development. ” For me it was a complete training – part demonstrative, part practical – which motivated me to work further on my personal development.”

Andrea Komaromi

Andrea Komaromi

HR Business Partner – Federal Mogul Motorparts

“Very well chosen examples and metaphors, very valuable content and an efficient, engaging and instructive way of delivery.”

Diana Avram

Diana Avram

Senior Talent & Development Consultant – Stefanini

“The training was exciting, full of useful information, extremely interesting, delivered in a simple way to follow. It was impossible not to pay attention to everything we discussed, not to get involved. The way Paul adjusts his speech to the audience and how it involves the audience is contagious. I have already started to recommend it to others 🙂 ”

Ioana Crețu

Ioana Crețu

Statistical Modeling Analyst – BRD – Groupe Societe Generale

“It’s an extraordinary experience with a lot of “wow” and “ahaa” moments both related to those around you and to you!”

Zoica Pascu

Zoica Pascu


“It’s wonderful to open the doors of self-knowledge and to discover those around you. It was an extraordinary experience which I would repeat at any time with great pleasure.”

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