Sales Mastery

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Well-established principles and innovative technologies for the success of your sales.

The program distills the essence of the best sales techniques, along with tips and examples tested and successfully applied in various industries and companies, both from the experience of the trainer and from the most reputable sales experts globally.

Where – Zoom
When – there is currently no session scheduled
Period– 2 sessions

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

  • Find out what salesperson (and not only) salesperson should answer every week to make sure you remain a top seller in a successful business.
  • Use to your advantage the psychology behind all the successful and … repeated sales:
  • Discover the strengths of salespeople that help them take advantage of new opportunities and exponentially increase sales:
  • Sales in the business intelligence era and how to make a profit in a hyper-competitive environment:
  • Remote sales – how to stay close even at a distance
  • What is the most important KPI that any business should follow
  • When selling “at a loss” is a great way to scale your business. And how you can grow your business more than 5 times in just 6 easy steps.
  • How to stand out and make your product or service memorable – 4U
  • Adrian Munteanu

    Adrian Munteanu, EMBA

    Business Development, Omnichannel Sales & Marketing, Operațiuni (industrii creative/agile), Leadership, Management, Storytelling

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Adrian Munteanu, EMBA

With over 15 years of experience in a top 5 advertising agency in the local market, Adrian is an entrepreneur, manager, EMBA ASEBUSS consultant and “lifelong learner”.

All sales people, entrepreneurs or other professionals involved in the sales activity, regardless of the field of activity.

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Adrian Munteanu, EMBA


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