Reputation Management Through Video Communication

150,00  (fără TVA)

The actual crisis has a major impact on the communication process forcing us to quickly adjust to a new mental setup, also to a new working setup.

Where – Zoom
When – the is no session scheduled yet
Period– 2 sessions of 3h

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

Session 1

GETTING READY: Se-up building. Video&audio&deco tips

  • How do we set-up the “film set” depending on where we are: at the office/ remote;
  • How the camera lens “reads” us;
  • Behind the scenes: understanding the process of transmitting messages through the camera;
  • Camcorder (laptop / phone / tablet / or even TV camcorder)
  • Light and its importance;
  • Shooting frames and which ones to use;
  • Elements of decor and color;
  • Audio – the relevant element that we must take into account.

Session 2

THE LABEL in video communication

  • The program’s agenda;
  • Clothing & makeup & accessories in video communication


Non-verbal communication – essential in creating engagement and delivering messages:

  • Body posture and attitude;
  • The look and the facial expression;
  • Gestures & arms and their magnitude.

Para-verbal communication – the most important element in video communication:

  • Voice tone and dynamics;
  • Speech and diction;

Listening and managing the Q&A session in the video session

  • How we interact with the audience;
  • How we manage the Q&A session (what we keep and what we don’t from offline sessions);

BEHIND THE SCENES: inner establishment for the live;

  • Breathing techniques for emotions management;
  • Diction and voice warming up exercises;
  • Antoaneta Banu

    Antoaneta Banu

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Antoaneta Banu

With over 20 years of experience as a TV journalist and 10 years experience in consulting and coordination in communication, Antoaneta delivers courses and workshops on creative communication, storytelling, executive presence.

This focused workshop addresses:

  • top managers;
  • department managers;
  • local or multinational companies’ leaders;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • professionals in communication, PR, sales, marketing.

The participants will discover how to:

  • take part and hold an live, secured and efficient online session;
  • emit credibility and authority;
  • have the impression and personal image management in video, live or recorded communication;
  • obtains congruence between non-verbal and para-verbal messages in communication;
  • understand and develop non-verbal language;
  • maintain their calmness under pressure;
  • have impact when they communicate any type of message;
  • develop trust in front of different types of public;
  • manage nervousness through cognitive reconfiguration techniques.

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Antoaneta Banu


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