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Process Communication® it’s a theory of personality and a contemporary model of communication that teaches you how to make yourself listened, not just heard, by others.

Where – Zoom
When– 11th to 13th of May 2020 search for it in the calendar and save the date

Period– 3 days

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

Paul Olteanu

“In the trainings and consulting programs that I offer, I emphasize in my speech the singularity and personality of each client, concentrating at the same time on supporting them with concepts and practical applications from various fields. The ultimate goal is to turn them into strong, percussive and memorable communicators.”

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Process Communication® it’s a theory of personality and a contemporary model of communication that teaches you how to make yourself listened, not just heard, by others. How you communicate is just as important as what you communicate, especially when you need to be understood by people with different personalities from yours. The Process Communication Model® was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Taibi Kahler, a clinical psychologist who studied people’s behavioral patterns. NASA took advantage of this discovery by using PCM in the selection, placement, and training of astronauts between 1978 and 1996. More than 800,000 people have taken the PCM Seminar. President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are among them. Now you can do it as well!

The Process Communication Model® is useful for anyone that works with people:

  • managers;
  • mediators;
  • sales representatives;
  • people that communicate;
  • marketers;
  • teachers;
  • parents;
  • psychologists;
  • lawyers;
  • consultants.

At the end of this program you will be able to identify the six personality types described by Taibi Kahler, as well as their combinations, knowing how to communicate properly with each of them.

  • The way one sees the world;
  • Strengths and weaknesses;
  • Appropriate communication channels;
  • Parts of your personality to which you will respond best;
  • Proper management styles;
  • Main psychological needs;
  • Preferred environment;
  • Specific repetitive behavior;
  • How one responds to stress;
  • Mechanisms of failure.

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“This program changed the view I have about myself and those around me. I will definitely apply everything I have learned about communication, both personally and professionally. The part related to communicating with children is also very interesting. In a word: Super! Everyone should take this course! Thank you very much, Paul! ”
Andreea Ciolofan, Manager proiect - Quantrio Consulting
“It’s been a revelatory experience, a greater image seen about myself and others. I have now begun a journey – the journey I didn’t dare to take – to discover myself, to the inner point, but also to others. I gained strength and courage, I did not believe in myself as a manager, I have the reason now that pushes me to be. ”
Georgiana Andrei, Coordonator programe - Propark – Fundatia pentru arii protejate
“The PCM course is revealing because it offers effective solutions related to how we can reevaluate our communication with others, following all the elements of each person’s personality. It is a bonus for everyone, a help for both daily activities at the office and at home. An interesting course, I rarely find a trainer that can keep hold on my attention and excite me! Thanks, Paul! ”
Giorgia Bordușanu, Director marketing&comunicare - ASESOFT
“The complexity of people and their wonderful variety is reflected in the complexity of communication between them. The tool I found here is one of the best to help me better understand others, but especially to get to know myself better and be able to make positive personal changes. Anyone can find this program useful. ”
Alina Alexa, Consultant comunicare - Propark
“A fascinating experience, far beyond the expectations I initially had. I was very pleased with the continuous dialogue and interaction on the topics presented. I was able to understand a lot of things about personality and communication channels. ”
Flavio Finta, Director general - Topcad Engineering
”Super cool… I understood very clearly all types of personalities, I understood how to communicate with them and how to identify each “mask” behind which they hide, the way they act according to the phase they are in and according to the “driver” or the “basement” degree. It’s all about continuing to use this knowledge through the support materials and rehearsal methods we’ve received. ”
Ștefan Belchite, Global Advanced manufacturing engineer - Honeywell
“I was able to better understand people’s reaction (both professionally and personally), but very importantly I understood some essential things about myself and my responses. I hope to be able to use on me the tools I have learned.”
Nicoleta Deliu, Șef dep. Comunicare corporativă și afaceri comunitare - BCR
“This really is a memorable training. You find out things about yourself, you find out things about others, you find out things about how to react with others. At first, we were almost all skeptical, but in 3 days I think we got rid of prejudices. I recommend it!”
Miruna Andreescu, HR Specialist - Avon
“This program opened as it helped me better understand those around me, to identify their needs so that any interaction with them becomes productive. I learned things I didn’t know about myself.”
Mădălina Ciobotaru, Consultant IT - Quantrio Consulting
“The course was wonderful! It opened up some wonderful prospects for me. I felt really good and I hope to start applying everything I learned as soon as possible!”
Liliana Aldică, Lead Character Artist - AMC Pixel Factory
“This course exceeded all my expectations! I heard about the course, I know graduates, so I had high expectations. Well, Paul Olteanu exceeded all expectations!”
Roxana Iacob, Designer bijuterii - Serenity Bijoux
“An extremely interesting and useful course that gave me access to a much better understanding of myself and others and gave me the tools I need to build harmonious relationships with others. It’s a course that everyone who leads teams should take.”
Brîndușa Andrei, Recruitment&Talent Management Manager - JTI
I have participated at Paul’s training program about PCM model. Therefore, I have to say that PCM is a great, straight-forward, method, easy to understand and apply and useful in all situations where human interaction is present. Paul is an excellent trainer and he made our time not only very useful but also enjoyable. I sincerely encourage you to try this method, delivered by Paul OLTEANU.
Ana Maria Ianov, Make up artist - Niran CO Products
“What you communicate is just as important as how you communicate. It is the basic principle that I felt in this training, not only because of the content and the immense value of the information, but also because of Dragoş who cared and made this “how” a tasty and extremely easy to follow.”
Diana Lupescu, JR Brand Manager Ursus - Ursus Breweries
PCM is one of the very few workshops where – due to the competence of the trainer – I had a breakthrough. Paul manages to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, while keeping everybody focused on the subject presented, and he’s dang good! Paul is like a Christmas present, authentic and fresh, open and ready to answer all questions, carefully addressing each need of his audience. The training I received has taken my communication skills to a new level! Few days after concluding the workshop I had a very difficult negotiation with a Secretary of State. Applying the PCM principles it was like having a magic wand: I managed to obtain the maximum from that negotiation, controlling the discussion and influencing with integrity. The results of PCM are powerful and the time spent with Paul has been invaluable. Paul, keep being awesome!
Raluca Dolan, Manager recrutare-Formare - Michelin

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