Process Communication Model by Andreea Rotaru

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Process Communication Model ® is a theory of personality and a contemporary communication model that teaches you how to be listened to and enjoyed, not just heard.

Where – myHive S-Park, Str. Tipografilor no. 11-15, sector 1, Bucharest
When –  4-6 September 2023
Duration – 3 days, face to face

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

During the three days of the program, each participant will learn, using Process Communication Model® (PCM):

  • The way one sees the world;
  • Strengths and weaknesses;
  • Appropriate communication channels;
  • Parts of your personality to which you will respond best;
  • Proper management styles;
  • Main psychological needs;
  • Preferred environment;
  • Specific repetitive behavior;
  • How one responds to stress;
  • Mechanisms of failure.
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    Andreea Rotaru

    Comunicare, Leadership, Inteligență emoțională, Coaching

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Andreea Rotaru

Andreea is a facilitator and coach, inspiring curiosity and action for clients eager to get to know themselves and develop healthy relationships @work and @home. She is a Process Communication Model certified trainer. She creates holistic learning journeys that target the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes, thus increasing the effectiveness of development programs

Process Communication Model® is useful for anyone working with people:

  • managers;
  • mediators;
  • sales representatives;
  • people that communicate;
  • marketers;
  • teachers;
  • parents;
  • psychologists;
  • lawyers;
  • consultants.

At the end, you will be able to identify the six personality types described by Dr. Taibi Kahler, as well as their combinations, and you will know how to communicate properly with each of them.

“A milestone in my life. Km 0. 3 days that weighed a lot and shed light on many corners that I had begun to feel, to be aware of, but I did not have the solutions. 3 days better than I imagined. In the end, the Harmonizer in me came to the surface. 🙂 Andreea, very good job! A fantastic energy, of knowledge I say no more. It was amazing! Thank you! Signed, Alexandra and all her personalities ”- Alexandra Mirea, IT Business Services Associate Consultant – SAP


“By far, Process Communication Model with Andreea Rotaru was the most beautiful experience lately. Very structured, extremely useful information, very skillfully presented. It opened up new perspectives for me, showed me areas for improvement in my relationships with others, and made me reflect on things that had gone unnoticed until this program. ” – Mihaela Sferdian, Head of HR – Mercedes-Benz Bus & Trucks Romania


“One of the very few online programs that made me feel like I was in a crowded room. Excellent!” – Simona Petre, AML/CFT Manager – Viva Wallet


“One of the best communication trainings I’ve attended. It’s perfect for anyone, whether they have subordinates or not.”- Alexandra Boeroiu, Product Development Manager – Agricover


“I believe that the Process Communication Model should be the based of any employee training. Many problems can be solved once you realize that not everyone has the same needs, and you know the direction in which you can go to take concrete steps. Andreea was very open and involved in helping us get as much information as possible. ” – Cătălin Paterău, Scrum Master – Zitec


“It is very important to mention that in the last 5-6 years I have done various communication courses, personality models, etc. Process Communication Model taught by Andreea Rotaru was one of the coolest profile programs I’ve been to. I felt very trained, energized, I don’t even know how the day went. I had many revelations and Aha moments throughout the 3 days of the program. What I really appreciated about Andreea: – She managed the whole program very well – She was extremely interactive – She answered concretely and precisely all the questions in the audience, without a trace of hesitation – She held the whole audience extremely well. ” – Alex Axon, Chief Experience Officer & Partner – Zitec


“Although it was a program of 7 hours a day, for 3 days, it was the only one I attended and that kept me trained all the time. Excellent structure, good and sufficient information, no downtime, it was interactive just as much as it should be. As for Andreea Rotaru – super competent, super smart, and it seems to me that everything she said was correct. Excellent! Thanks a lot!” – Maria Coltan, Product Master Data Coordinator – Mercedes-Benz Romania


“Process Communication Model came in handy when it should and will probably change the way I interact with the people around me.”- Laura Rostan, Scrum Master – Endava

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Andreea Rotaru

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