Personal branding

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When you discover what you have to offer and communicate this to employers or customers, you become a must-have and ensure not only a job, but a successful career.

Where – Zoom
When – there is currently no session schedule
Period– 2 days

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

The rogram will cover the main stages of Shero personal branding process: unveiling, harmonization, distribution and is structured in four workshops of 4 hours each, following the below agenda:

Workshop 1

  • The map towards Personal Mega-Brand Status
  • Personal Branding fundamentals (I)
  • Personal Branding fundamentals (II)
  • External perception of personal brand

Workshop 2

  • The unique competitive advantage
  • Audience & Competition
  • How to align the environment components to your personal brand
  • Personal Brand Manifesto

Workshop 3
Key messages

  • Themes and communication channels (online and offline)
  • Harta influentatorilor

Workshop 4

  • 100 days plan: networking and successful relationships
  • Media training: local media environment, interview simulations, do’s & dont’s
  • Preparation of annual communication plan

EXEC-EDU experts

They are trained at top business schools in the US and Europe (Wharton, Harvard, London Business School, INSEAD) and have hundreds of hours in training and consulting. But what really adds value to the sessions they provide is their long-standing practical experience in finance.

  • Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Vânzări, Marketing, People management, Abilități de prezentare, Problem solving, Design thinking

  • Adrian Munteanu

    Adrian Munteanu, EMBA

    Business Development, Omnichannel Sales & Marketing, Operațiuni (industrii creative/agile), Leadership, Management, Storytelling

The Personal Branding program is aimed at professionals who want to advance faster in their career or to grow their business faster by making the most of their unique resources.

We believe that there are certain professional categories for which a strong personal brand is vital to success: consultants, architects, doctors, lawyers, therapists, designers or brokers, entrepreneurs whose name is closely linked to their business, politicians, artists and professionals from media and entertainment, middle managers in corporations who are preparing to move to top management positions, C level Managers who want to leverage their personal brand to increase the visibility and results of the company to build their unique resources.

  • Added value: people pay up to 70-100% more for a brand Personal branding gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself so that you are the first choice;
  • Bargaining power and more profitable contracts: a pearl on display at Tiffany is priced higher than a pearl at the Beijing pearl market;
  • Influence: you bring prestige with you and influence the projects you participate in / the causes you support;
  • Independence and career control: you choose your clients / employers more easily;
  • Continuity in times of crisis: important brands are those that survive in times of crisis;
  • High self-awareness: Intense work with your goals, values, and passions will improve your outlook on life and bring clarity to areas where you can make a difference by doing the things you are passionate about.

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