Manager in the age of digital transformation

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Upskill For a Digital World

The Manager in the Digital Age program organized by EXEC-EDU aims to equip managers with the necessary skills in the new context, during 4 modules, which can be accessed independently or as an integrated program. At the end of the program you will also receive an ANC certificate which is granted only under the conditions of graduating a form of higher education, accredited and graduating the final exam.

Where – Zoom
When– 6 june – 11 July 2023
Duration– 9 sessions of 2 hours each

Module 1 – 3 online sessions x 2 h

  • Introduction to the Microsoft Office 365 universe – part 1;
  • Online project management;
  • Individual and team productivity in online;


Module 2 – 2 online sessions x 2 h

  • Online Information Security – Part 1;
  • Security and information protection online – Part 2;


Module 3 – 2 online sessions x 2 h

  • The dynamics of an online meeting;
  • Facilitating online meetings – part 1;


Module 4 – 2 online sessions x 2 h

  • Creating a professional online presence;
  • Social media and digital footprint;


Module 5

  • Creating a plan for implementing and consolidating digital skills for the next 6 months;
  • Dan Beșleagă, PMI, MBA

    Dan Belșeagă, PMI, MBA

    Managementul proiectelor

  • Cristian Dinu, PMI, RMP

    Cristian Dinu, PMI, RMP

    Managementul proiectelor

  • Andreea Buzec

    Andreea Buzec

    Facilitare grafică

  • Cristiana Fernbach

    Cristiana Fernbach, MBA, CIPP/E

    Dreptul tehnologiei

EXEC-EDU experts

They are trained at top business schools in the US and Europe (Wharton, Harvard, London Business School, INSEAD) and have hundreds of hours in training and consulting. But what really adds value to the sessions they provide is their long-standing practical experience in finance.

This course is aimed at:

  • Managers who want to use digital tools to generate competitive advantage in the organization;
  • Managers who aim to increase the involvement of the new generations of employees (Millennials), through an effective collaboration with them;
  • High-potential employees who want to advance to a higher position.

By going through this program, you will get:

  • Better work organization, increased productivity;
  • Better project management in the online environment;
  • Better teamwork;
  • Involvement and commitment of your team members;
  • Faster and more creative decisions in online meetings;
  • Harmonize your online presence with personal and professional goals;
  • Up-to-date information on the protection and security of your data.

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