Management 360° program

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Don’t have time to develop your business skills?
Are you one of the busy and dynamic leaders who want to quickly learn the key processes of a business to make better decisions and accelerate their success?
Then the Management 360° program is for you.

Where– Blended format – online and classroom
When19 November 2022 – 4 April 2023
Duration– 6 months, to which is added a month dedicated to mentoring and carrying out the final project

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.


Management 360 program – agenda:

  • Leaders and strategy;
  • Implementation and execution of the strategy;
  • Financial-accounting intelligence;
  • The marketing plan;
  • Organizational agility;
  • Sales and negotiation skills;
  • Turnaround® Simulation.
  • Dr. Ovidiu Dîmbean Creța

    Dr. Ovidiu Dîmbean Creța

    Management financiar

  • Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

    Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

    Management strategic, Entrepreneurship, Managementul resurselor umane

  • Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Management strategic și operațional

  • Simona Podgoreanu 2

    Simona Podgoreanu

    HR, Leadership, Negociere

  • Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Alin Gherman, EMBA

    Vânzări, Marketing, People management, Abilități de prezentare, Problem solving, Design thinking

This course is dedicated to:

  • Top or middle managers, with at least 1 year of managerial experience;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Freelancers (doctors, lawyers, accountants);

Management 360 program – benefits:

  • The format of the program takes into account your need to quickly practice your skills on the “critical” areas of a business, obtaining a rich set of concrete ideas, immediately applicable;
  • You develop with top experts, professionals with great business experience, who speak from practice, not from books;
  • In addition, you have included in the program 3 hours of individual mentoring, to apply everything you have learned in your business or department, leading the company you belong to to another level of performance;
  • You create a quality network, interacting with other dynamic managers and entrepreneurs, coming from different industries and profiles.

Impressions of the participants in the 360 Management program:

“Participating in the program gave me an overview of the business and an understanding of all the company’s processes – which is essential for a human resources manager who wants a strategic role in the organization. In addition to interacting with top experts, I had the chance to meet wonderful colleagues, experienced managers, from various industries and departments, from whom I learned just as much. An immediate result was the final team project, carried out together with three other managers who participated in the program, a project that was later successfully implemented in the company. ”- Irina Stoian, Human Resources Director – Cetelem IFN SA


“The program had an essential impact on my development, elevating me to a higher level of my skills and expertise. Naturally, I was promoted from middle to top management. The challenge led me to push my limits and find solutions that seemed intangible in the past. Today, looking to the future, I feel ready for any other opportunities that will arise in my career. I know I will capitalize on them 100%. ” – Oana Catargiu, Executive Director – Romstal Investment


“By participating in the Management 360 program, I was able to better understand the overall strategy of the organization and the mechanisms of the market, which are the decisions behind certain decisions.” – Irina Arsenescu, Marketing and Audit Director – CityGrill


“Participating in this program meant a chance for complete professional development, unique so far, with very high applicability now or in future challenges. It was a perfect combination of experienced and enthusiastic colleagues and teachers, a variety of modules, practical course support, relevant case studies, individual study and teamwork, competition and fair play at the same time. Business simulation is the culmination of the interaction between students and real life. The business relationships and friendships we have created will certainly be among the major pluses that will help us to put into practice everything we have learned and experienced in this excellent course. ” – Adrian Munteanu, Business Development Manager – Mercury360 Communications

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