Leading self, leading others

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Leadership from the perspective of transactional analysis

With the help of transitional analysis applied in the organizational field, at the end of the two days you will have tools and concrete work models to understand the dynamics and interactions that generate a healthy climate. You will increase your ability to lead and influence and thus raise the level of performance of your team and organization.

Where myHive S-Park, Tipografilor Street 11-15, Building A, Bucharest
When – 13th-14th May 2024 between 9:30 and 17:00
Duration – 2 days

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

1st Day

  • Setting the working framework and learning principles – Contracting in transactional analysis on the 3 levels – administrative, professional, psychological
  • Co-creative leadership in transactional analysis – Accountability in relationship, interdependence vs. addiction, awareness and working in the present, in the here and now
  • Self-frame of reference and intention in leadership – Life positions and the OK-OK paradigm
  • Leadership and working with basic needs in groups and organizations – Structuring time and the three hungers
  • Conscious Relation and Conflict Management – Ego States, Transactions


Day 2

  • Organizational climate and the creation of trust – The 3 P’s, stroking patterns and the emotional climate
  • Managing the work environment in a group and team – Internal and external boundaries, Public Image, Private Image
  • Working with Emotions in Leadership – Feelings of racketeering and inconsideration
  • Constructive group dynamics vs. destructive – Passive behaviors and group processes
  • Reflections and discussions – Check-out & learning actions
  • Traian Bossenmayer

    Traian Bossenmayer

    Leadership, Management, Dinamica echipelor, Dezvoltare organizațională

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Traian Bossenmayer

With over 16 years of experience in facilitating development programs and organizational consulting, Traian is a trainer and speaker at national and international conferences and has supported training programs in England, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

He is globally certified in transactional analysis in the organizational field, being the most active trainer, analyst and supervisor in Romania with this expertise.

The program addresses:

  • business leaders
  • managers
  • HR business partners
  • management consultants

By participating in the ‘Leading self, leading others’ program, you will learn and practice, among other things:

  • Self-leadership seen from the perspective of self-awareness and quality of presence in relation to self and others
  • Identifying your own frame of reference and intention in interacting with those around you
  • Assertive communication and managing tension and conflict
  • Agility and healthy adaptation to change
  • Social intelligence and team motivation
  • Managing and balancing the group framework from the leadership role

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Traian Bossenmayer

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