Human Resources Strategic Management

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The EXEC-EDU program addresses in a practical and structured way HR processes, promising to come up with a resources management course that responds to all current challenges. It is a human resources course that offers you not only up-to-date information, but also practical expertise. By graduating this HR course you not only get a valuable certificate, but also the access to an elite community of human resources managers.

Where – Calea Griviței no. 6-10, ground floor, Sector 1, Bucharest
When– 5th of November 2019 – 18th of February 2020, one day a week, Tuesday, between 5 and 8 pm – look for it in the calendar and save the date
Period – 20 weeks

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

  • Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

    Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

    Management strategic, Entrepreneurship, Managementul resurselor umane

  • Simona Podgoreanu 2023

    Simona Podgoreanu

    Expert HR, Leadership, Negociere, Director Resurse Umane KPMG Romania & Moldova

  • Mihaela Matei, EMBA

    Mihaela Matei, EMBA

    HR, Leadership

  • Liliana Urziceanu, EMBA

    Liliana Urziceanu, EMBA


  • Dr. Răzvan Vasiliu

    Dr. Răzvan Vasiliu

    Legislația muncii

  • Oana Scarlat, ACC

    Oana Scarlat

    Coaching individual, Autocunoaștere

The importance of HR role has increased in recent years, new solutions and approaches have emerged, and human resources managers have become agents of change and partners in the elaboration, implementation and development of the strategy.

This management course is especially for:

  • Human resources managers;
  • Other people in the HR department, responsible for a specific activity and interested in understanding the human resources role as a whole;
  • Managers or entrepreneurs who want to apply the most current HR techniques to the company they run.
  • You integrate human resources activities into the overall strategy of the organization;
  • Identify solutions tailored to the local specific of the workforce and the level of development of your organization;
  • Provides an overview of all human resources activities, from recruitment and selection to motivation, training or performance management;
  • You get essential knowledge about the new Labor Code.
  • Integration of the human resources strategy into the overall strategy of the organization;
  • What is the modern management of human resources;
  • Human resources planning;
  • How we build our human resources budget;
  • From company goals to individual objectives and human resources indicators;
  • Recruitment and selection process;
  • Training and development of employees;
  • Motivation, satisfaction and involvement in work;
  • HR and performance management;
  • Employee satisfaction through salaries, benefits and compensation;
  • Human Resources Budget – Interactive retail business case;
  • Labor law – Individual employment contract;
  • Labor legislation – Collective labor contracts;
  • HR administration;
  • Audit of human resources.
  • certified as Human Resources Manager, authorized by the ANC
  • EXEC-EDU certificate
  • first module: 415 EUR / second module: 490 EUR / third module: 335 EUR
  • total price: 1160 EUR *
  • exam tax: 150 EUR


You can choose to take part in all or only part of the modules.
The final exam can be taken only after completing all three modules.

* For the courses authorized by ANC, VAT is not applied to the registration fee, according to OG129 / 2000 and L163 / 2005. (only if you complete the whole program, participating in all three modules).

  • discounts starting from 5% for groups of at least 3 people taking part in the Human Resources Course
“It was a very important course for me, useful in my professional development, which helped me to grow from a HR management point of view. There is information that I share with my team. ”
Delia Mandache, Consultant resurse umane - A&D Pharma
“The topics of the course and the professionalism of the trainers gave me the confidence that I can become a person with better results. The information has an impact on my professional life and latent on those around me. Excellence is the word that characterizes you! ”
Lavinia Dragne, Manager resurse umane - Catena
“I was very pleased to participate. It helps you structure ideas and improve the way you work. The course was interactive, topics of general interest were discussed; people who are passionate about what they do (students and teachers) have managed to deliver us more than just information. “
Silvia Cojocaru, Coordonator HR - Gral Medical
“I really appreciated the high degree of interactivity of the course. Also, the emphasis placed on the practical side of the theoretical concepts and their approach in open discussions. I particularly appreciate the team’s groundwork, devotion and professionalism. ”
Cristina Anghel, HR Manager - CRESCENDO

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Dr. Lavinia Rașcă, Dr. Răzvan Vasiliu, Liliana Urziceanu, EMBA, Mihaela Matei, EMBA, Simona Podgoreanu


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