Growth mindset

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Developing a growth mentality

Have you ever wondered why some people love challenges and some don’t? Developing a growth mentality And with every challenge, there is a chance to fail.

Where – Zoom
When – there is currently no session scheduled
Duration – 3 sessions of 3 hours

Pre-reading / video – before the workshop

Workshop 1

Learning goals. Personal goals

  • What do we mean by Mindset?
  • Introductory questionnaire – fixed mindset / growth mindset
  • What does growth mindset mean?
  • Neuroscientific perspective

Workshop 2

  • Exercises for developing a growth mindset
  • Case studies
  • “Point of view” model
  • Fixed Mindset / Growth Mindset / Benefit Mindset

Individual development plan, using the growth mentality model

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    Simona Podgoreanu

    Expert HR, Leadership, Negociere, Director Resurse Umane KPMG Romania & Moldova

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Simona Podgoreanu

She’s a certified coach. She is one of the most appreciated trainers in Romania, receiving the Bronze Award at the L&D Gala, organized by Learning Network in 2019, following the vote of over 500 human resources managers.

Developing a growth mentality.

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