First Time Manager

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This focused 3-day program addresses to everyone that’s been promoted or is about to be, helping them to realize the difference between individual work and management responsibility and to rapidly accomplish techniques and skills that will help them become performing.

Where – ZOOM
When – there is currently no session scheduled
Duration – 3 sessions of 3 hours

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

  • What is my future as a manager? What do I prepare for?
  • What is my working environment?
  • What is expected from me? Manager, but also leader and entrepreneur;
  • From vision to excellent execution;
  • Manager and his team;
  • Satisfied customers with satisfied employees;
  • Good HR management practices.
  • Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

    Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

    Management strategic, Entrepreneurship, Managementul resurselor umane

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Dr. Lavinia Rașcă

“I have a direct, simple, practical style. I bring up things that I tested myself as a utility, manager, entrepreneur, consultant, in extremely diverse companies. The pleasure of interacting with those I work with gives me energy, dynamism and power of conviction. “

The course supports new managers, team leaders, supervisors or coordinators, as well as those who will soon be promoted to manager positions.

This program will teach you:

  • How to generate immediate results;
  • How to avoid problems that are usually in the way of those who take on management roles for the first time;
  • How to get results from those who did not get used to the fact that you are now the “boss”;
  • How to get the confidence and support of your manager;
  • How to increase your visibility and earn the respect worthy of your new position.

“Useful, applicable and extremely well-scored information.” – Roxana Crestus, Clinical Manager – Dental Excellence


“I liked the approach. Ms. Rașcă’s professionalism, passion and energy led to a great involvement of the people. I was pleasantly surprised to find a high level of interactivity. It was a pleasant and rewarding experience. ” – Irina Păun, Head of Division – Vego Holdings


“A program suitable for the first level of management, in which I realized the importance of planning and team involvement, the importance of sincere and focused feedback towards solutions.” – Cristina Profeanu, HR Manager – Vego Holdings


“Everything was superlative.” – Eugen Cuza, Production Manager – Rosteel Invest


“I would like to end at some point the concentration and relaxation with which you share your knowledge and experiences. Thank you for two days of energy and patience. ” – Adriana Cotoară, Operations Manager – Alvogen

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Dr. Lavinia Rașcă


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