Finance for Non Finance Managers

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This program gives you not only the information, but also the financial expertise needed to make the right decisions and evaluate their impact on the company or department you belong to.

Where – ZOOM
When – there is currently no session scheduled
Duration – 11 weeks

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

  • Accounting – main concepts and mechanisms;
  • Financial statements;
  • Budgeting elements;
  • Financial ratios analysis;
  • Financial forecasting;
  • Investment decisions;
  • Capital market and financial products;
  • The financing decision;
  • Treasury management;
  • Financial management in turbulent times;
  • Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Management strategic și operațional

  • Mihai Stan, ACCA

    Mihai Stan, ACCA


EXEC-EDU experts

EXEC-EDU experts are trained at top business schools in the US and Europe (PWC, BPP, INSEAD) and have hundreds of hours of training and consulting. But what really adds value to the sessions they provide is their long-standing practical experience in finance.

The Finance for Non Finance Managers program addresses to every manager or specialists that want to understand better the financial-accounting activity.

  • You will master the accounting and finance language and know to ask the right questions;
  • You’ll evaluate the consequences of the company’s transactions from a financial perspective;
  • You’ll understand the content of the financial statements (balance sheet, P&L account, financial ratios);
  • You’ll analyze and assess the financial performance of the company;
  • You will understand the impact of each decision on the company’s financial stability;
  • You will use financial indicators for improving strategy use and, therefore, competitiveness and credibility of company;
  • You will understand the budgeting mechanism;
  • You will apply the concepts, make decisions and see how the financial mechanisms work, through the EXCELSIOR business simulation.


Among other things, you’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • What is the difference between the current value and the market value of an asset?
  • What is EBITDA (or other such indicators), how are they calculated and what is their usefulness in business?
  • What indicators do potential investors, creditors or shareholders of the company look at?
  • How do I determine financial profitability?
  • Why do I need short and long term financial forecasting and planning?
  • If I want to develop / grow the company, is it sustainable in financial terms?
  • What are the selection criteria for an investment project?


EXCELSIOR simulation

Represents an intense learning experience, which takes place over several rounds, in teams, both in the program sessions and in meetings set by each team, outside the program. At the end, each team presents its results and discusses the impact of their decisions and other possible alternatives.

  • The benefits of simulation
    • Provides an overview of a business’s processes;
    • Contributes to refining the skills needed to make decisions, helping participants to test their impact in a risk-free environment;
    • Develops team spirit, by involving each member in the decision-making process and obtaining consensus;

“The program is quite engaging and captivating for the uninitiated and can’t be boring for those who know something.” – Andreea Bilciurescu, Sales Advisor – Toyota Bucharest West


“A very useful experience, intense and with great potential for application in everyday business. I recommend it to those who want to enter more intensely in several areas of the financial act. It helps to understand the whole thing. ” – Narcis Horhoianu, Marketing Director – Heineken


“The basics of accounting, financial analysis and investment decisions were complemented by tasty and useful classroom discussions. I recommend the program to any entrepreneur or non-specialist manager who wants to understand how the business he runs generates value for shareholders. ” – Andrei Iordache, Cluster Portfolio Lead – GSK

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