The Art of Debate

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Whether you want to put your point of view on the board, in front of a client, business partner or have a discussion with your direct manager, it is essential to argue correctly, coherently and structured.

Where – Zoom
When – there is currently no session scheduled
Period– 2 days

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

  • Basic elements of argumentation;
  • Basic elements of counter-argumentation;
  • Much practice on argumentation and debate, ‘sprinkled’ and with feedback on the elements of speech, non-verbal and para-verbal language, tone and voice.
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Emanuel Beteringhe

He is an ‘with distinction’ graduate of the Executive Master’s degree in Education Management at King’s College London and executive chairman of the Romanian Association of Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR). He has over 10 years of training experience, both within the association (courses for teachers, students) and in the corporate environment.

The program is aimed at anyone who wants to develop their argumentative skills. In particular, the program has confirmed its usefulness for:

  • leaders and managers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • salesmen;
  • marketers and advertisers;
  • trainers and consultants;
  • media professionals (journalists, moderators etc).

Among the benefits gained by the participants will be:

  • the ability to support a point of view in a structured and coherent way;
  • ability to present it to an audience;
  • opportunities for networking with other professionals from different fields of activity.

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