Cost Controlling Program

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The program is for those who work or want to work in controlling, economists, or managers who want to understand what is and how an efficient management system works in the profitable management of the company.

Where – Face to face! Expoziției Boulevard 1B, Bucharest
When – 19-20 October 2023
Duration– 2 sessions from 9:30 to 16:30

Cost Controlling program agenda

Management accounting

  • Introduction
  • Ways to assist management
  • Management accounting


Methods of determining costs

  • Introduction
  • Cost classification


The decision-making process

  • Introduction
  • Relevant costs
  • Accepting or rejecting decisions
  • The decision to buy or produce
  • Decommissioning decisions
  • Decisions in the presence of restrictive factors


Investment valuation – discounted cash flow method (DCF)

  • Net present value (NPV)
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • NPV vs. IRR


Factors influencing decision-making activity

Business planning

  • Introduction
  • Ways to assist management
  • Strategic planning


What are budgets

  • Budget goal
  • Budget hierarchy
  • Cash budget
  • Alternative budgeting techniques
  • Problems in budgeting and planning
  • Types of budgets
  • Flexible / flexible budget
  • The control process


Variation analysis

  • Factors that determine the appearance of variations
  • Types of variations
  • Interdependence of variations


Changes in business structure

  • Changes in business structure
  • The need for information for various business structures
  • Business integration
  • Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Monica Minoiu, EMBA

    Management strategic și operațional

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Monica Minoiu, EMBA

She has over 18 years of experience as manager, consultant and successful entrepreneur. She has worked in various industries – cosmetics, printing paper and cardboard, beer production and distribution. She was Europe Director for Tactic Activities in the Distribution Chain centers at InBev. Starting with 2009 she has her own consultancy company.

The \program is or people working in controlling, finance and accounting or managers who want to better understand the structure of costs and how they can optimize it for the purpose of profitable management of the organization.

Cost Controlling program – benefits:

After this program you will get a better understanding of:

  • basic concepts in controlling, objectives and challenges
  • the importance of cost centers and types of costs
  • the costing process
  • elements to be taken into account in making decisions
  • positioning of Cotrolling in the organization
  • budgeting and planning process
  • performance analysis and reporting
  • trends in Controlling

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