Corporate storytelling

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Want more sales? Change the story in your message! Do you want more effective advertising campaigns? Change the story in your message! Do you want employees to help grow your business? Change the story in your message! Do you want partners who follow your vision? Change the story in your message.

Where– MyHive S-Park Bucharest
When – 6th – 7th June 2024, between 10:00 and 17:00
Period– 2 days

This program can also be delivered in-house (personalized for a group of participants from your company). Send us the details by accessing the registration button below.

About the course

Most entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations live with the frustration that their vision is not coming to fruition at the speed they would like, with the resources and engagement they know is possible from employees, collaborators, and of course, customers. And they waste time, energy, and money trying to optimize pieces of the process by increasing budgets, changing collaborators and tactics, and the like. What is not usually done is to analyze the effectiveness of the message they are conveying.

And this is where a well-told story helps the most. No! It is not about stories like those told by grandma at the stove, or metaphors, or using various life stories in motivational speeches, but using story structure to create a clearer message that brings more sales, higher engagement and therefore higher profit.


Andreea Halikias

Bestselling author, StoryBrand guide and international speaker with 16 years of experience in sales and marketing based on well-told stories. Andreea has generated approximately 4 million dollars for companies and the managers or entrepreneurs who lead them. She has so far guided more than 800 nonfiction authors from all over the world (including from Romania) to write and publish books that are valuable to their audiences and profitable for them.

Who is it for

  • Is your business suffering from unclear messaging?
  • Nobody understands you
  • Your team is never on the same page
  • You have good ideas but you can’t put them into practice
  • The most recent marketing campaign failed
  • Valuable candidates do not know the employer brand well enough
  • You lose customers to competitors who are not on the same level as you
  • Quality leads are hard to come by
  • Your product pitch isn’t working
  • Your website is in desperate need of updating


If YES, this course is for you. Because it teaches you the correct structure of a message/story that helps you narrow the gap between reality and your highest vision.


Increase the impact of marketing campaigns & the efficiency of sales flows using the most powerful storytelling techniques.


1st Day

  • Why Stories Work (A Neuroscientific Perspective)
  • What are the story elements that can help a business grow
  • What an effective marketing campaign with integrated storytelling looks like
  • Creating your own company narrative (brandscript)


Day 2

  • How to create a sales flow that gets you results without wasting resources
  • How to implement your company narrative in your internal and external promotional materials
  • How to clarify and streamline your message on your website, social media and email marketing campaigns
  • How to create an offer that converts
  • How do you put it all together to get your team on the same page

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