Agile Mindset

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Agile principles in times of crisis

Whether you work in human resources, operations, marketing or other departments, an AGILE mentality can help you navigate more easily in the turbulent waters of this atypical period.

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  • Which we choose: customer-centric or customer-driven. Do we choose consciously?
  • The road from art to science: why it’s important to make the transition from projects to processes and systems
  • How companies grow 10x, keeping for years the flexibility of a start-up but also the differentiation through innovation and quality
  • How we can integrate Lean & Agile methodologies into the daily life of any company
  • How to increase productivity while reducing waste. And how not to repeat the mistakes – Root-Cause-Analysis.
  • How to track daily tasks that 64% do not create added value – the importance of value-stream-mapping
  • Adrian Munteanu

    Adrian Munteanu, EMBA

    Business Development, Omnichannel Sales & Marketing, Operațiuni (industrii creative/agile), Leadership, Management, Storytelling

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Adrian Munteanu, EMBA

With over 15 years of experience in a top 5 advertising agency in the local market, Adrian is an entrepreneur, manager, EMBA ASEBUSS consultant and “lifelong learner”. He participated in the construction of several marketing and sales campaigns for the top 3 multinational companies in almost all industries (Retail, IT&C, FMCG, Pharma, Finance, Agriculture, etc.).

An AGILE mentality can help you navigate more easily in the turbulent waters of this atypical period.

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Adrian Munteanu, EMBA


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