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EXEC-EDU offers you two options for participating in its development programs, both with its benefits:

OPEN PROGRAMS (STANDARD) – they are organized at the EXEC-EDU headquarters and they are programmed based on a default agenda You can acces in any moment Calendar of these programs to see how they are programmed for the next period.

Open programs benefits:

  • you have the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with other participants, who come from various companies
  • take part in a course already recognized and appreciated by graduates, from which you can obtain concrete recommendations
  • you get a valuable certificate

TAILORED PROGRAMS – organized at the company headquarters Together with the representatives of the client company, we establish the needs and goals of the course and involve EXEC-EDU experts in developing a specific program, focused on the specific of the industry and the overall strategy of the company.

Tailored programs benefits:

  • the program is strictly focused on the needs of a group of participants with common learning needs
  • you have the opportunity to openly discuss the dilemmas and challenges of the company you belong to
  • the course often takes the form of a workshop (workshop), after which you can draw up a specific action plan
  • the venue, number of hours and other aspects related to the training format are flexible

Your place to grow

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