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1. What is the size of a group of participants?

To get maximum interactivity, on average, the size of a group of participants is 10-15 people for a dedicated courses for companies and 20-28 people for an open program.

2. How is the registration process going?

The application form can be downloaded from the website or can be requested by e-mail. If the minimum registration conditions are met, you will receive a confirmation message from the program coordinator as soon as possible. He will send you the contract, which we will conclude with you or the employer that finances the program. It is advisable to submit the application form in advance to reserve a place.

3. What is included in the participation fee?

The fee includes course support, access to the library during the program, the necessary logistical support in the educational process, cakes, coffee and refreshments during the course days, graduation activities. The fee does not cover the cost of traveling or accommodation.

When should I pay?
For the certification programs of 4 to 6 months, the participation fee is paid in two shares: the first one with a maximum of two weeks before the beginning of the course, and the second one in the middle of it. For the intensive modules of 2 to 3 weeks, the participation fee is paid in full, before the beginning of the course. The invoice is sent to the person indicated on the form. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or cash, at the school cashier.

4. Can I talk to a graduate of the program I want to apply to?

Graduates are the best source of information regarding the program they have followed. We can get you in touch with one of the recent participants, in order to have a critical perspective, from the inside, on the courses.

5. What happens if I have to cancel or postpone my participation?

Due to the large number of applicants to our programs and the intense training carried out by the faculty and staff before the beginning of a course, the cancellation of the participation less than two weeks before the beginning of the course implies an administrative fee:

7 days or less before the beginning of the course – 100% of the participation fee;
8-14 days before the beginning of the course – 20% of the participation fee;
Over 15 days before the start of the course – The participation fee is fully refunded.
If the funding company identifies another applicant eligible for the same program, he or she may replace the retired person, but only if the program has not already started.

6. What happens if I miss classes?

Active participation during the classes is essential for understanding the concepts and skills evaluation during the course. The emphasis on interactivity, debates, exchange of views and experiences with colleagues makes the presence in the classroom of utmost importance. Therefore, you can only pass the exam and the final project only if you have a minimum 75% attendance.

7. Under what conditions will I receive the graduation certificate?

The graduation certificate is obtained after the active participation at least 75% of the sessions of the course and the promotion of the exams and the final project, where it is needed.

8. What is the language of teaching?

The EXEC-EDU open courses are delivered in Romanian. Dedicated programs for companies can be organized, on request, also in English.

9. Do you have any other questions?

In this case, please contact Mihnea Raşca, sales and customer relations coordinator –


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