Lunch & Learn with Hypersay

Engaging remotely is here to stay, forever.
Are you ready?

July, 14th, 2020, H: 12.00 – 13.30

COVID-19 has suddenly transitioned the whole world to remote collaboration – remote project teams, remote sales meetings, remote learning. While most organizations have adapted to the new way of working very fast, this shift has created many challenges, from logistical and operational problems to people concerns. It has now become obvious: working and learning remotely is here to stay and we need to update ourselves very fast, finding creative solutions to engage our audiences.

In this informal event, our partners from Hypersay, UK – an innovative start-up that provides live presentations for presenters that engage connected audiences from 200 countries – will provide some tips and strategies for engaging your stakeholders remotely, either employees in internal meetings, training participants or clients in sales presentation.


  • Brian Daly, Commercial Director of Hypersay, ex American Investment banker

Brian Daly will present the current state of remote communication digital tools.  He will cover the ‘Why, What and How’ of some popular digital engagement tools.

  • Alecu Ghyka, 2nd-year University of Warwick Computer Science student.  Intern at Hypersay.

With the walls between the office and the home tumbling, Alecu Ghyka will present ‘how University students use social media tools in their daily lives’.  These new employees coming from University will not leave their social media tools at home because they will be working from home.  Alecu will give us all a candid look into these social media tools.

  • Cristian Dinu, Co-Founder of Hypersay

Working remotely with internal employees and external clients will lead to new parameters of success and failure. Cristian Dinu will speak about the macro trends of technology in the workplace and help prepare us for an ever-changing landscape.

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